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Setting up Jenkins in AWS
Jenkins is an open-source automation server that integrates with a number of AWS Services. You can use AWS EC2 to spin Jenkins server in matter of minutes. AWS enables autoscaling capability to run Jenkins without downtime. Slaves in Jenkins can be created easily and maintain with AWS. This article walks you through the process of deploying a Jenkins application on Amazon Linux machine. You will launch an EC2 instance, install Jenkins on that instance, and configure Jenkins to automatically run Build Job which evaluates installation is successful.

AWS EC2 Instance Creation

  • Select EC2 Under Services–>Compute–>EC2
  • Click Launch Instance
  • Select Amazon Linux AMI 64bit x86 Image
  • Keep Free Tier Type default.
  • Click Configure Instance details which lets you to input VPC and subnets in which location an EC2 instance to be created.
  • Review and Launch
  • Confirm all details.
  • Note: We selected default Security Group and its open to world. Please do change it to required security groups accordingly. Leaving to world is not ideal. Its only for purpose of article.
  • Create New Key pair on selection.
  • The private key file is automatically downloaded by your machine. The base file name is the PEM Format. Save the private key file in a safe place.
  • Also. We need to change permissions of Private key that is downloaded. Unless you complete this step, EC2 login is not permitted

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